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The Super Rotax is a drive on system that includes a 3.5 ton scissor lift. This allows the working height to suit any operator as the lift can be raised to 1.75m high. It also includes a hydraulic piston that makes it easier to tilt the bench before the vehicle goes on.

This allows the vehicle to be positioned with ease, as all of the blocks and beams are on bearings. It also includes a full bracket and measuring system, as well as a McPherson strut bridge that is easily mounted on the crossbeam.

The Super Rotax contains a pulling system that operates with a direct pull not a vector pivot pull. This puller allows full pulling power from whatever height, not just the centre of the puller upright. Besides pulling, the “Vector” towers can also be used to push against or to block an opposing pull. The pulling towers never have to be removed or dismounted, as they slide freely around the bench.

The Super Rotax is renowned for its speed and ease of a pulling and measuring system with the strength and ability of a jigging system.


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“Technology and innovation looking to the future, suitable for new repair concepts”

Evolution, a 4.5m bench, ideal to replace the old four columns bench and to increase space and security for Globaljig universal jig system customers.

Precision engineering and full attention to detail are a recognized standard of Globaljig quality and an obvious choice for the modern body shop.

The modern vehicle database allows the repairer to consult the datasheet even with mechanical parts in and in three-dimensional format, for quick diagnosis and structural checks, allowing total security and precise results for the repairer.


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The Globaljig Mobile System bench has long been considered a pioneer in its category. This space saving jigging system is supported by 4 wheels that can be removed. Equipped with the Globaljig universal jig system, it can be used with two post or central piston lifts.

It is considered the fastest among all systems with universal jigs since the vehicle is positioned on the jigs from above with a two post lift, without the need for ramps and side runners or winches for loading the vehicle onto the bench.


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 “The perfect choice for fast repair”

The Koala is a small straightening bench with great versatility and potential. Suitable for all situations of “fast repair”. In fact, in addition to the standard equipment which includes 4 anchoring clamps, pulling tower and 4 wheel stands, the Koala can accommodate a number of accessories from the Globaljig Universal System.

The Koala will accommodate various measuring systems, electronic or mechanical, produced by Globaljig International or other manufacturers. These can easily be utilized thanks to the variable height between the Koala bench and the underbody of the vehicle to be repaired, without compromising the pulling capability.

The Koala can also be supplied as a flush fitted version, with a cover to be able to utilize the available space in the workshop when the bench is not in use. The Koala can be used for all aspects of body repair including: Diagnosis for evaluation and estimating, stripping and re-assembly of vehicles, as a lift for re-finishing and touch-up, and as a wheel-free lift for use with wheel-alignment systems.


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Traxo is an automated “robotic” pulling tower, easy to use, which permits multidirectional pulling in one smooth operation. Traxo eliminates the use of traditional clamps and chains, and is able to push and pull in all directions with 10 ton capacity in conditions of absolute safety.

Push-button commands allow movement from the hand held control panel, permitting the operator to move freely while closely controlling and pulling the straightening process, constantly verifying the direction for a millimetrically precise repair.


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The Globaljig Conversion Set, with a modest investment, can transform any type or brand repair bench into a modern checking, anchoring and straightening system, with all the obvious advantages of the Globaljig universal bracket system.





Universal system for checking and fixing motorcycle and scooter frames, even with mechanical parts in.


Repairing and straightening are carried out in the front headstock, checking degrees and alignment of the steering columns. The only and unique system to firmly anchor the frames of motorcycles and scooters, thanks to universal jigs, columns adjustable in height and sliding crossbeams.



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GlobalScan provides a graphic display of each vehicle, allowing the operator to compare the actual measurements with the precise vehicle specifications. Moreover, measuring several points in real time, it provides continuous updates during the course of the entire repair process.



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“To improve productivity in your preparation area”

Geko is universal for all preparation areas, grilled floors and pavements for assembling, disassembling sanding and painting, and allows the operator to always work in a comfortable position.

The lift is equipped with a mechanical and electrical safety system, and the remote control permits the user to control all raising and lowering movements at all times and always close to the vehicle.

The equipment includes two sets of rubber pads of different heights to lift any type of vehicle, even very low-lying ones, thanks to the minimum height needed for the positioning of the lifting arms.


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Dakota is a new in ground lift researched and designed for preparation zones and in all those areas where there is need to raise a vehicle. The opening and closing of the arms is completely automatic, using a push-button remote which is connected to the command unit.

As it lifts, a special mechanism blocks the unit at the height of 6cm, allowing the opening of the arms. After positioning the arms and rubber pads at the correct points of the vehicle, the lift can be raised, choosing to stop it at the most suitable height for the job that needs to be done.

Before completely closing, the lift blocks itself again at the initial height, permitting the automatic closing of the arms, and does not descend until the four arms are perfectly closed, thus avoiding crushing or damage of the grated floors.

The mounting of the lift in the pit is easy and quick, thanks to the double effect piston that allows the lowering of the base on the bottom.


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The Revo 180 semi-arch units offer the highest concentration of technology and ease-of-use for rapid drying of paints. Thanks to the short-wave, infrared technology, drying is achieved extremely quickly, with far better quality, more cheaply and more safely than with any other system currently available on the market.


The completely computerized controls manage all movements, even over large areas. An aluminium semi-arch drier set on guides of various lengths that can be adapted to any prep zone or painting both.


Operation is completely controlled by computer via a wireless connection which makes the unit extremely safe and free of any cables. It can operate in semi-automatic mode with onboard controls. Forward movements in all directions is automatic. The unit can rotate 180 degrees to both the left and right. Revo 180 is extremely flexible, suitable for all types of work.


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We can also supply the following CMO products:



Easy Lift 3000 is a mobile hydraulic crick lift, with a column structure, built and manufactured to allow the operator to work on wheels or under-doors at man’s height. The raise and descent movement are obtained using a sleigh fixed to a chain connected to a hydraulic cylinder.

Hydro-pneumatic pump with hand remote control, reduced dimensions and a remarkable ease of handling, obtained thanks to wheels allowing an easy displacement are its main features.




Globaljig Australia is now a distributor for the Electro Power, a multifunctional battery operated body jacking tool that has a number of vehicle accident repair applications.

The Electro Power Gun is the only one of its kind on the market, with its 5 ton push and pull gun it works on a battery operated worm drive. It’s a one man function for a hassle free operation, with no hoses and 2 batteries so you never run out of power. The Electro Power Gun has the ability to push or pull while using the vehicle to anchor.



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