Established in 1982, Globaljig was the first universal jig which gave a new dimension to the bodyshop, which until that time only dedicated jig brackets and measuring systems were used.

Globaljig combined the advantages of both systems into one; a brilliant idea that simplified the tasks of the bodyshop and made it possible to repair any car, anchoring and measuring it at the same time.

The Globaljig is a renowned part of today’s bodyshop, known and appreciated throughout the world. The Universal Jig System has changed the way that bodyshops function, taking place of the dedicated jig system. The Universal Jig System has become a necessity that bodyshops cannot and do not want to give up.

The Globaljig system has improved the working conditions of the bodyshop making it possible to save time and money. Globaljig was first shown to the international public in 1982 at the Automechanica exhibition, one of the most important of our industry.

Success came quickly. It seems that the bodyshop world was waiting for a piece of equipment able to combine the advantages of all repair systems with one unique solution.

Today Globaljig operates in all major world markets thanks to those who believed in Globaljig at the very beginning.


Reasons for purchasing a Globaljig System-

Universal: A single jig for everyone and everything. With the Globaljig system any car can be simultaneously checked and repaired with one set of universal jig brackets.

Reliable: Complete accuracy during the mounting, checking and repair phases.

Superior: The use of high class materials and high manufacturing standards places B.B.M products ahead in their field.

Experienced: In 1982 B.B.M created the first universal jig bracket system in the world, and now B.B.M is the leader in universal jig technology, able to satisfy every need of the customer.

Simple: The Globaljig measuring and straightening system is very simple. Every part of the equipment is the result of careful research in order to ensure functionality.

Space: Built to fit anywhere, Globaljig takes up less space in the bodyshop compared to most other systems.

Mobility: The B.B.M mobile bench can easily be moved from one working area to another.

Quick: One of the main characteristics of Globaljig is its speed of use, due to both the quick movement of its components length, width and height, and to the universal jig concept.

Versatile: All operations become possible with Globaljig.

Independent: Free from jig hiring, Globaljig is always at work.

Safety: All safety aspects of the equipment have been studied in order to guarantee maximum safety to the operator during repair.

Warranty: Our equipment has 12 months warranty from date of delivery against construction defects, whilst the jig heads have a lifetime warranty against breakage during correct use. B.B.M will replace any damaged jig heads on return.

Practical: The design of Globaljig is an example of practcticality, as it brings concrete results with an immediate profit.

Convenient: It has been proven that with the Globaljig system, the bodyshop saves 50% of time to set up vehicle compared with most other repair systems.

















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